It begins with knowing your audience and their needs. What messaging will resonate with them, will motivate them to action? Once the market and messaging are understood, it’s all about building a battle plan to drive sales and revenue.

We work together to design a top-to-bottom battle plan, to create messaging and content. And then we execute like our lives depend upon it. No detail is missed. No opportunity neglected. It must be relentless.

I have worked with a local ski mountain to boost their revenue by 50 percent over 5 years, while reducing and managing costs. Later we worked together to boost season pass sales by 25 percent in one year! Additionally, I have worked with a leadership center at a renowned business school to refine their message and to create website content.

Currently I am working with Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Community Relations to refine messaging and boost fundraising. And then there is one of my favorite ongoing projects: Krass & Co., a family business you could say!

I am more than happy to share some content from past projects, my experiences, discuss business philosophy, and what you’re looking to accomplish.