Named after our children, Pierson, Alex, Julia (PAJ), The Krass Family moved to the newly christened Pajwood Farm in September 2014. We arrived in time to enjoy the amazing fall foliage of what was then a virgin sugar bush. The sugar bush is on a gently sloping hill rising almost 400 feet to the crown of the property, a place where the trees glow in the low winter sun.


The best part about boiling sap is that we can enjoy the beautiful evenings and our friends. There might be a wee bit of whiskey consumed on those nights as well!


How could we not bring some bees into the mix to help pollinate the gardens, the trees, and the wild flowers in the fields. Absolutely amazing creatures and I could watch them for hours.


Now, when boiling sap for 6, 8, 10-plus hours at a time, what could be better than smoking some meat? Our St. Louis pork ribs, with dry rub and maple glaze, are ridiculously good if I do say so myself.

To purchase syrup or honey visit or shoot me an email: Need some spectacular smoked St. Louis style ribs for yourself or a party, send me an email.