Welcome to the website, the office, and most importantly the farm. Here at Pajwood Farm the property is alive with so many animals, flora, fauna that it inspires on multiple levels. The days are full with thinking, writing, and physical labor. 


Books, articles, poems, fiction, nonfiction. I’m in deep. The creative juices always flowing. Have a project in mind? Let me know! Poke around the website to get an idea of the projects I’ve worked on.

Marketing Consultant

Audience. Message. Battle Plan. Relentless Execution. Yes, execution is everything but what does that really mean? I cook up pithy messages and creative ways to reach your target market, but success also involves a meat & potatoes approach (roll up up your sleeves and don’t let anything fall through the cracks).


Maple syrup. Honey. Smoked meats. Life is good on Pajwood Farm so why ever leave? Because we like to deliver! Visit our Farm page for more information or to place an order.

Contact: rpkrass@gmail.com

Jack Daniel’s.

The New York Times and several other outfits called in 2016 to talk about Jack Daniel’s 150th anniversary and the role of slaves in whiskey distilling (the latter topic sparked by Black Lives Matter perhaps?). Well, 2016 isn’t their 150th anniversary, and the JD Distillery folks love to spin a good story. Want the truth about Jack? Read Blood & Whiskey! 

Brand. Message. Customer.

The cool thing about branding and messaging is that it can be like writing poetry. You’re distilling an organization, a living, breathing entity into maybe 5 or 7 words that are often abstract and real all at once. You want to catch attention but you don’t want to be too witty. You need to be a little flashy but not ring false. How can you not love the challenge?

Maple Trees & Bees.

The behavior of both never cease to amaze. When boiling sap to make syrup, I hate to lose a drop. It’s about honoring these majestic trees. And when it comes to the bees, if only humans could cooperate like these amazing animals. The thrum of the beehive is both relaxing to listen to and overwhelming when you contemplate what hundreds of millions of years of evolution has created!